Sinking Creek Baptist Church is named for a tributary of the Watauga River. It is located on the Old Elizabethton Highway in Carter County. It is the oldest church in the state of Tennessee still in existence at its original location. It was organized 1772 in Washington County (now Carter County).
Matthew Talbot was the first pastor. Worship services have continued through the years except  during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. In 1778 evangelists Charles and John Chastain, brothers from Virginia, held a revival here and the need for a larger church was realized. Pastor Talbot, Joshua Kelly,  and a Mr. Maulkey planned and erected what is now known as the “Old Log Church” that still stands  today with many of its’ original logs intact. Because of its’ legendary past it is now a historical landmark  and shares the same grounds as the new church built in 1962.  E. Reece Harris was the longest-standing pastor to the congregation. He served from 1962 – 2012.
Highlights in the history of Sinking Creek Baptist Church 1772 – 2018
1772-1773: Church organized by first pastor Matthew Talbot.
1776: Church disbanded because of Indian uprising.
1777-1778: Reorganized by Talbot, Mr. Maulkey and Joshua Kelly.
1783: New Buildings erected of logs.
1786: Invited to join movement to organize the Holston Association.
1789: Adopted resolution allowing only Baptist to use the Church.
1791: Mrs. McDowell, a church member, scalped by Indians.
1807: Holston Association met with the Church for the first time.
1826: Adherents of the Campbell Movement excluded from the Church Membership.
1853: Adopted resolution opposing sale of intoxicating drinks.
1861-1865: Church closed due to Civil War period.
1869: Joined movement to reorganize Watauga Association.
1884: Watauga Association met with the Church.
1923: Church reorganized.
1924: Church remodeled and enlarged.
1935: Pioneer Homecoming Celebration.
1940: Sunday School rooms built in the basement.
1949: Church purchased two buses.
1951: Homecoming, Plans for new Sunday School rooms and parsonage discussed.
1961: Reece Harris called to pastor.
1962: New Church built. Log Church became a tourist attraction.
1965: Log Church repair began.
1968: New Parsonage built. New parking complex finished.
1985: Christian Family Life Center built, with gym, kitchen, and dining area.
1992: Phillip Harris named Youth Director
1996: Extended parking complex completed. Judgment House began its first year in October
1997: Stained glass windows installed.
1999: Church Steeple erected. Thirty passenger bus purchased.
2000: Family Life Center (FLC) dedicated to Rev. Reece Harris.
2003: Church pavilion built.
2004: New paved driveway completed from Church to pavilion, newly constructed children’s playground.
2005-2006: Complete makeover of the Church sanctuary.
2009: Sidewalk poured connecting the Kitchen to the Gym entrance at the Family Life Center. 
2013: Reece Harris resigned from pastoring at Sinking Creek.
2014: Jayson Hoagland called to pastor.
2021: Chuck Babb called to pastor.